Does your hosting service actually protect your website?

Padlock Website SecurityMost businesses assume that when they upload their website to a well-known hosting service their website will be protected against hackers and malware. Hosting services do have security measures in place. But most are only setup to protect their servers… not your data.

Why Don’t Hosting Services Protect Data?

It’s expensive and they want to keep the cost of hosting as low as possible. Hosting providers don’t usually tell you about this. You find out about it after the damage is done. So it’s very important that you check with your hosting service to find out if you’re protected.

Daily Scanning Is Not Enough

Using software that thoroughly scans all the files in your website helps. But some malicious software is able to infect your website, make trouble and then leave before it can be detected by the daily scan.

How to Protect Your Website

You can protect your data by either paying for additional services through your hosting service or from third parties. I personally use SiteLock. It includes:

  • scanning the entire website daily;
  • a firewall;
  • threat detection and mitigation; and
  • a CDN (Content Distribution Network) which helps with both customer satisfaction and SEO

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